Insurance law accident when Insurance a driver without auto insurance has an accident? Auto Insurance

Insurance What happens when a driver without auto insurance has an accident?

Auto Insurance

By law, drivers in almost every state in the country must have a minimum of insurance coverage in case they are involved in an accident and must compensate for damages caused to third parties with their vehicle.

On this basis, the civil liability system works in case of an accident. If all drivers have insurance, at the time of an accident, this will compensate: the repair costs of the damaged cars, the loss of personal property of those involved or third parties, the medical treatment and the claims for damages of the people involved in the accident.

The problem is that many drivers decide to get the most basic insurance, the minimum that state laws require to meet the requirements of driving legally, but this coverage is not always enough and then the problems begin. Not to mention that many drivers neglect their obligations and do not have insurance, in the hope that they will never see themselves in a mishap and that nobody will discover them.

Not having auto insurance is not only illegal in many states, but it is also quite inconvenient because the responsibility to drive then is in your hands and in the financial resources of the driver himself. If a driver does not have money to buy insurance, there is a good chance that he does not have the resources to face an accident claim.

This also means a big problem for people who do have insurance and who are in an accident where the other party of the crash does not have insurance. Then, they are forced to make a claim to their own insurance and this brings multiple problems in the future. For this reason, the insurance companies have coverage that can be added to the private auto insurance, which provides additional protection in case the driver with whom you may have had a crash does not have insurance, and you can do the same. claim to your insurer without consequences of future cancellations.

In other words, when you include in your policy the coverage of uninsured or uninsured drivers, if you have a crash with an uninsured or fleeing driver, the insurer will reimburse you as if it were the insurance of the insurer. another driver.

Two other benefits of this additional coverage are that:

It goes into effect if you are a victim of running over as a pedestrian or bystander.
Supplement the coverage of an uninsured driver additionally above the minimum limits, if this is the fault of the accident and the coverage of his insurance is not enough to complete the costs of the crash.

This insurance may also provide you with certain funds to repair your vehicle if you do not have insurance and a driver with uninsured motorist insurance coverage crashes and he is at fault. But you should not expect other drivers to have this type of insurance because they often do not select it as an option. The main reason is because it costs an additional charge to the premium, but the second and more limiting is that not all the states of the country allow the issuance of this coverage.

The use of uninsured motorist insurance

A case in which the coverage of uninsured motorists is used is when someone hits and runs away. In that situation, you may request your insurance to reimburse you for the costs of the damages caused by said runaway driver.

Another time that you see the use of this coverage is when you do not have insurance (it is not recommended because it could be illegal in your state to drive without insurance) and a driver hits and destroys your car. If the driver who hit you has uninsured motorist insurance among your insurance selection, you will receive the benefits of being able to fix your vehicle, courtesy of the insurance that the party at fault for the accident covers. However, you do not want to rely on your luck alone.

You surely want to be up to date with the law, acquire your private car insurance and drive with peace of mind, so ask about the various coverages that make up the personal auto insurance and make sure.

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